Meet Kerryne

My name is Kerryne, I started competing in 2009 in the Figure division.  It lit a fire in me I never knew I had.  I have a passion for fitness, and something about being on stage, stepping out of my comfort zone, that adrenaline rush really just did something to me.  I did very well, placing in the top 5, and eventually getting that 1st place and Overall sword.

1st Place FigureOverall Champion

I went on the the National stage (USA’s) in July of 2011 where I realized that in order to really become competitive with Figure I would have to put on a lot more size and in all honesty I was not willing to do that.  So it was then that I had to make a choice.  Do I continue on with Figure, gain more size (A LOT more size), be done competing all together…. or do I make the switch to Bikini?



I took some time off from competing, we moved from California to Utah and I finally made my decision.  I MISSED the stage.  I missed not having to be ME for just one day.  Not having to be “mom” or “wife” for that few minutes.  To feel like I was accomplishing something FOR ME.   To get to walk out on that stage, all insecurities aside, confident, which was something that I haven’t always been.  I absolutely love pushing myself.  I love that feeling of knowing that I DID THIS.  No one did this for me.  I created this body.  I put the work in, even though I work a full time job.  I raise 2 kids, sometimes by myself since my husband does A TON of traveling.  I DID THIS.

There is something so powerful in knowing that you can accomplish the things that you make time for, and that even with all of the things you have going on… you can still make time for the things you love.  It isn’t selfish to take care of yourself.  It isn’t selfish to love yourself.  In fact, I feel like I am a better mother, a better wife BECAUSE I am doing something that gives me passion.  I love this sport!  Obviously I have goals to acheive my Pro card, just like everyone else that steps on that stage.  I hope to accomplish that one day.  Until then, I hope you follow me on this Journey of mine and if you have any questions feel free to ask away!


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