Competition recap & rant…..

HEY!  I have taken some much needed time off from blogging.  There have been many times I have thought about blogging, but the words just haven’t come to me, and to be honest they may not come so easily this time around.  I’ve got a lot on my mind and I’m not really sure how to get it all out but we will see how this goes. 


Since August I have competed in 3 shows, and done a couple of photo shoots.  My first ever photo shoots.  Both of which I thought turned out great and I had SO much fun doing them.  As I blogged about the show in August I took 1st place and overall.  The show I did in September was a different organization, it was NGA.  They typically like a softer look.  It was 3 weeks after the NPC show but it was also for a PRO card so I went for it and didn’t end up getting my PRO card.  I figured I was too lean.  No biggie.  Well last week I went to Vegas to compete in the Las Vegas Classic.  It was a HUGE show.  I had no clue what I was getting myself into but really had no expectations other than to get feedback from National judges so that I would know how to come in for USA’s in July.  There were 39 (yes you read that right THIRTY NINE) girl just in my class.  HOLY MOLY!  I was not expecting a first call out.  Well I got a first call out.  Even better… I ended up in 1st place.  I still can’t even believe it.  Here are some pictures from the show and from one of the shoots I did.





I’ve talked about this once before on my old blog, but feel the need to revisit the topic.  I used to get questioned here and there about competing and how it (in some peoples eyes) may not be in line with my faith and beliefs.  I was once recently questioned again.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had someone show anything but support towards me, and to be honest it really caught me off guard.  In fact I believe this is the first time I’ve ever had someone tell me that what I am doing is wrong and I needed to be brave and do the right thing, because what I do causes lust.  Not everyone will agree with what I choose to do, and that is okay.  Not everyone understands this sport, and that is okay.  I don’t question someone who loves playing basketball, or who loves playing golf.  I don’t question someone who loves crafting or fishing or running marathons.  My frustration is this.  A man can get on stage in his speedo, flex his muscles and he is called a body-builder.  He is never told he is immodest.  He is never told he shouldn’t do that because he is causing women to lust after him.  But a woman, who does the same thing, works hard, has the same passion for the same sport gets up there and is told she is immodest.  WHY?  It feels so unfair to me.  Never once did I get on stage feeling like I was being lusted after.  Its not about lust.  Its a sport.  Its a passion.  Its pushing yourself to work harder, to be better, to be stronger.  This sport has carried me through some of the hardest years OF MY LIFE.  It has become such a huge part of me.  I’ve never thought of it as a way to become a sex symbol.  That is NOT what this is about, at least not for me.  I honestly could go on and on about this but I will stop there.  I just needed to get that off my chest.  I appreciate the support I get from my friends and family so much.  It means the world to me to be able to say that I am damn proud of what I do, I do it with class and you know what?  I LOVE this sport and I am not quitting any time soon!


24 day Challenge

Hey guys! I know I’ve been totally MIA. Not only have I been prepping and competing like crazy, I’ve also been a single mom while my husband was traveling for work for the past 6-ish weeks so the LAST thing on my mind was blogging. I’m two weeks out from my last competition of the year NPC Las Vegas Classic. So excited!

I wanted to get on here quickly to let you know about another thing I’ve been doing. If you haven’t heard of Advocare I’m not surprised. I hadn’t either, however after seeing some of my friends and co-workers have such amazing results with their products I decided that I needed to try them out for myself. Since I don’t have weight to lose, I figured in between shows a nice cleanse would be great. I bought the 10 day cleanse and was happy that not only I felt better but I could eat while doing the cleanse. No juicing, no starving, just eating clean and cleansing my body. It was a great way to kick off a new “prep” for me. Especially after a few days of being off my normal meal plan 🙂

I have been so impressed with results of those around me, and with what I have used that I became a distributor myself, and would like to let you in on a new challenge. It’s the 24 day challenge. What a great way to kick off November! Just before the holidays!!! All you have to do is purchase the 24 day challenge from my website here, take your before pictures, weight, and measurements when beginning the challenge on November 1st and again the on the 24th! Then email your photos, both before and after, weight and measurements and I will submit them to the lady in charge of the challenge.

So what are you waiting for? There is no better time than RIGHT now to start making a change. Especially when you not only have the accountability of sending your stats in but come on… Prize money? Get going 😏 feel free to email me at if you have any questions!


On a side note, if the challenge isn’t something that you necessarily need, there are so many other amazing products. Do you have an addiction to soda? Try drinking Spark! Let’s get you off that stuff 👌 Do you have trouble falling asleep because your husband snores REALLY loud? Try Sleep Works!!! Honestly… Great products!

Lets mix it up

I was contacted by Klara from Mix my own about trying their product. First of all I was super excited when I saw all of the ingredient options, gluten free options, and so many fun grains to choose from! Sign me up. So I created my own mix 🙂

You also get to pick and choose through some pretty fun and unique add ins such as organic cinnamon, green tea, premium Matcha, acai powder, cacoa nibs and a few new ones bee pollen, and hemp protein.

I loved creating my own mix and have enjoyed eating it too 🙂 there are also some pre-mixes available so you don’t have to create your own you can just pick one of their favorites! I also loved that they put a code on your package so if you love your mix you can reorder it with ease!

If you’d like to give it a shot you can use code HEALTHYBREAKFAST through the end of September to get 20% off!!! They ship it so fast too which is another added bonus!




It has to be fun….

A reader asks… I answer

I was asked to do a post about what my workout routine and diet looked like.  I have to be honest, at first I was VERY hesitant to write a post on this topic for a couple of reasons.  The main reason is that I am a competitor and because of that I am pretty strict with myself as far as my diet goes.  HOWEVER, when it comes to my fitness routine that is a whole other story.  Am I strict?  Eh… I look at it more like I am passionate.  I LOVE sweating it out.  I am going to back it up a bit.  Most of you know I used to be a Figure competitor.  Back in 2009, here I was this 110 pound thing walked up to my trainer and said “I want to compete… in Figure”.  First thing I heard was “Sure, but you’re going to have to gain about 15-20 pounds”.  (in my mind I was thinking that they were out of their mind).  The weight came on… slowly… but it came on.  Eventually I was anywhere from  22-25 pounds heavier.  AND MISERABLE.  My off season I felt disgusting.  I cried, I was depressed, and show to show I had a harder and harder time leaning out.  It was when I competed at USA’s (Nationals) that I realized I couldn’t do Figure any more.  It just wasn’t for ME.  I was at MY biggest yet I was still SO SO small in comparison to the women there.  I would have to make more gains in order to be competitive in that industry and mentally I just couldn’t do it.  It was very hard for me to give that part of me up because I absolutely love Figure.  I think it is beautiful, elegant, and the bodies are incredible.  Genetically it just wasn’t going to work for me, at least not naturally.  To give you an idea of just how far I came though, here are some photos from a few of my competitions and progress (these are 4 of the 8 or 9 shows I did).

figure figure1 figure2 figure3

(top left, very first show placed 5th… top right, 6 months later placed 2nd…. bottom left, one year to the date from first show, first place, overall winner…. bottom right, USA’s, reality check for me didn’t even come close to placing)

I took about a year off, and then I started competing in the Bikini division.

In the two years I have been competing in Bikini I have had to really work on leaning out quite a bit of the muscle I gained for Figure, and not looking so “bulky” for lack of a better word.  Here are a few pictures to show you what I mean.



Luckily genetically my body maintains muscle really well, so even though my main focus over the last two years has been to lower my “bulkiness” I have still been able to maintain that shape. What I am getting at is this.  My routine is just this… I do what I enjoy.  If I’m not having fun, than I don’t do it.  It’s as simple as that.  Fitness shouldn’t be a chore.  You should enjoy it.  At least that is how I feel.  Two years ago I walked into Body Combat, a class that my local gym offers.  I had been going through a lot in my personal life at the time and I got to punch and kick and get all of my frustration out and it felt damn good.  I am now obsessed with boxing.  I have a little fighter in me 😉  That is a huge part of my workout routine.  I do a lot of HIIT, sprint intervals (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off).  I don’t do LONG hours of boring steady state cardio.  I’d rather poke my eyes out.  I also don’t implement weight lifting at moment because I haven’t felt that I really NEED it.  I’ve been able to maintain my muscle fullness with the other things I am doing.  I spend anywhere from 20-60 minutes a day at the gym (unless I am nearing a competition and then it may be longer)!  I also will do either Insanity or P90X at home with my husband here and there. I don’t think you need to spend hours a day working out.  For me, IT HAS TO BE FUN PEOPLE!!!

I hope this answers your question 🙂  I didn’t get too much into the diet because I have been in competition mode for so long that I think I’ve forgotten what its like to be a normal person.  I generally eat pretty healthy all the time.  I keep my diet clean, with “treats” once a week even up to 4 weeks out of a competition as long as I am coming in okay.  Maybe when I get back to normal mode I can do a better post on my diet!

Competition photos…

I have a couple of posts that I am working on but since I am right in the tail end of another prep for a show in 2.5 weeks I just am struggling to find the time to finish them up.  Promise to get them done in the next week or so, but in the meantime, here are the photos the photographer took at the show.  They are a bit better than mine 😉


If you are a local, and are in need of a suit I highly recommend Bonnie @ Dialed in Fitness. You can get her contact information from me if you’re interested. She was incredible to work with!

NPC UTAH Salt Lake CIty Cup 2013

I realize this might be a bit of a shock to some of my (few) readers but yes… I competed last weekend.  What? You didn’t know I was in prep?  Yeah, I kept it on the down low.  I had good reason to do so.  You see right smack dab in the middle of my “prep” I got super sick.  I got this HORRID cough.  Doctors told me it was croup.  It. Was. AWFUL.  I felt as though I was breathing through a straw at night.  SUFFOCATING.  There were nights my husband actually got up with me to check on me.  THAT says a lot.  Second Doc visit (a short week later) said that maybe it was croup and a sinus infection.  So, a breathing treatment done at the facility, an inhaler to take with me, antibiotics, more cough meds, naproxen, you get the point… ugh… one week later my symptoms had not improved.  In fact dare I say they had gotten worse?!? I had fallen asleep on the couch without taking my cough medicine one night and woke up coughing so hard that I started throwing up.  Blood. Choking.  Fearing for my life.  Yes, it was that traumatic for me.  The next morning I went right back to the doctor in tears demanding answers.  They did a chest X-ray to make sure that there was nothing more serious going on… and then came to the conclusion that it was in fact NOT croup but the Whooping cough that I was likely dealing with.  I have not had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years (lucky me) and that is likely the reason I caught it and LUCKILY the reason no one else in my family caught it from me because they are all current!  LONG story I know.  Thus the reason I haven’t been shouting my prep from the rooftops.  I actually wasn’t really sure how sure I was about competing until the day I mailed my forms in.  Even then I was not 100%.  Even NOW post show my lungs are still not 100% but from what the Doctor tells me this cough could stick with me for up to 6 months and THAT is unacceptable to me.  The show had to go on 😉

And so it did…..

This was a smaller show for Utah.  Check ins were Friday, I got number 23


I was feeling pretty calm still, nerves weren’t out of control.  Left check ins, and headed to get my tan.  After a couple of coats I was home and in bed by 10.  Although I didn’t sleep well.  At all.  I was up at 2, wide awake.  I lay there trying to force myself to fall back asleep but all I could do was pose.  Ugh.  I decided at 4:30 to just get up and face my day.  I watched some TV, and started on the hair and make up.


I had to get a 3rd coat of tan at 7 so I was out the door at 6:30 am and ready to rock.  The show started at 9 am and by 10:30 I am pretty sure that Bikini girls were lining up and getting ready to get on stage.  My class was the largest.  There were 10 girls.  I snapped this just before heading  out on stage.


I was in the first call outs.  They put me right in the middle.  I never moved.  Now, I know what that USUALLY means… but you NEVER know.  Ha.  I was pretty confident in my placing but there is always that little doubt….



After Pre-judging I had PLENTY of time to go home and rest.  I hung out with my kids and tried to take a nap (FAIL).  Mostly I just replayed the show over and over and over.


Checkout out my abs one more time before heading back and they were looking better than they did that morning.  WHY IS THAT?  So frustrating!


Back for finals…. Placings!!!  The best part.  Its FUN, there is MUSIC, you can relax and really let loose on stage…. and just ENJOY the moment! and the best part!?!  I ended up taking 1st in my class…..



OVERALL BIKINI CHAMPION!  WHOOP WHOOP!  I was just a little bit excited!



Seriously?  JULY?  I don’t even know….

Things have been downright banana’s around here.  I don’t even know where to begin people.  I live on this thing called a ROLLER COASTER, but its not the fun kind.  I never know if I’m going up, down, sideways or upside down until I wake up and then sometimes I get thrown for a loop de loop somewhere in the afternoon :/ ha ha! 

Without boring you with all of the dramatic details the house we were building fell through.  We are devastated.  We searched for a long time for the land.  We found the land on our own, without a Realtor’s help, Our Realtor then helped us find a builder who gave us an awesome deal on our dream home (too good of a deal apparently) long story short… basically the builder bought our land, kept putting us off telling us he was waiting on city permits, etc… and cancelled our contract.  Now he owns our land which has increased in value by about $40,000 since March when it was purchased.  Our thoughts are he underbid our home and knew he could make a lot more by building something else there.  The firecracker in me wants this JERK to pay!  He has ruined everything!  Doesn’t he even know what this has done to my family?  Ugh!  No it isn’t fair… and we probably could/should sue but that will cost us money and we aren’t sure if we would win… what we would really get out of it, and would it be worth it?  We’re really in a hard spot right now.  I’m tired of crying over it.  What to do, what to do!?

Last month we made a last minute decision to go to California for a family reunion.  My husbands side of the family lives there.  We used to live there so I became really close with BJay’s grandparents.  Grandpa hasn’t been very healthy the last couple of months, in fact since the last time we saw him the change in him is pretty dramatic.  He has Parkinson’s disease, and we really just felt like we needed to go.  I am really glad we did.  It was pretty emotional for all of us.  I still tear up every time I think of our private conversation we had while I was there.  I adore these two people so very much, as Grandpa said to me “I fell in love with you the first time I met you, even the second and the third!” (he is so silly) the feeling is mutual.  I never really got to enjoy having Grandparents around.  Mine were all gone before I was old enough to really know them so to have these two in my life has just been amazing and getting to see my kids with their GREAT Grandparents has just been incredible. 

photo photo(1) photo(2) photo(3)