If you are interesting in Posing sessions I teach private and group sessions and would love to get you stage ready for your NPC or NGA competition! For more information please contact me by email at bikinibodmama@gmail.com or use my Contact me link on my blog!  I look forward to working with you!


Posing Clients:



I truly loved working with a posing coach like Kerryne Brown. She was recommended to me from my nutritionist and not only did I hear fabulous things about her skills, but I can now vouch for them myself. I was going into compete for my first time in  bikini for the spring NPC Utah Complete Nutrition Championships, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I picked a coach who not only assisted me every step of the way, but also knows exactly what a judge will be looking for when it comes to your posing technique.
Kerryne has a high attention to detail, and taught me all the posing that was perfect for my body shape- while still adding some of my own sass and personality in the mix. She makes sure that you look your very best when you hit each pose, helps you create your flow and transition, and even tweaks the smaller things to make sure its all on point. Trust me, its the small changes that make the BIGGEST difference!
Not only does Kerryne know her stuff when it comes to Bikini competitions, but she’s an absolute doll and such a pleasure to work with and so reasonably priced. I not only gained knowledge about this whole experience working with her, but I gained a friend as well.
I would recommend her for anyone looking to compete, whether its your first rodeo or not! – Kami

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