Quick update…

Just popping in with a quick update and some official pictures from the photographers from the NPC Utah Complete Nutrition Championships on March 22! Pictures were taken by Chris Nicoll and Lyman Winn of Carbon Imagery. They did an awesome job! I’m looking forward to doing a real photo shoot with them in May.

A few of my posing clients are competing on Saturday at the NGA competition and they look sooo fantastic! I’m so proud of them and looking forward to watching them rock the stage. Good luck Sara, Amber and Jen!!! You’re all number 1!!

I’ll be back soon with some super exciting news! I’m not quite ready to share it just yet… 😃







Competition recap & rant…..

HEY!  I have taken some much needed time off from blogging.  There have been many times I have thought about blogging, but the words just haven’t come to me, and to be honest they may not come so easily this time around.  I’ve got a lot on my mind and I’m not really sure how to get it all out but we will see how this goes. 


Since August I have competed in 3 shows, and done a couple of photo shoots.  My first ever photo shoots.  Both of which I thought turned out great and I had SO much fun doing them.  As I blogged about the show in August I took 1st place and overall.  The show I did in September was a different organization, it was NGA.  They typically like a softer look.  It was 3 weeks after the NPC show but it was also for a PRO card so I went for it and didn’t end up getting my PRO card.  I figured I was too lean.  No biggie.  Well last week I went to Vegas to compete in the Las Vegas Classic.  It was a HUGE show.  I had no clue what I was getting myself into but really had no expectations other than to get feedback from National judges so that I would know how to come in for USA’s in July.  There were 39 (yes you read that right THIRTY NINE) girl just in my class.  HOLY MOLY!  I was not expecting a first call out.  Well I got a first call out.  Even better… I ended up in 1st place.  I still can’t even believe it.  Here are some pictures from the show and from one of the shoots I did.





I’ve talked about this once before on my old blog, but feel the need to revisit the topic.  I used to get questioned here and there about competing and how it (in some peoples eyes) may not be in line with my faith and beliefs.  I was once recently questioned again.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had someone show anything but support towards me, and to be honest it really caught me off guard.  In fact I believe this is the first time I’ve ever had someone tell me that what I am doing is wrong and I needed to be brave and do the right thing, because what I do causes lust.  Not everyone will agree with what I choose to do, and that is okay.  Not everyone understands this sport, and that is okay.  I don’t question someone who loves playing basketball, or who loves playing golf.  I don’t question someone who loves crafting or fishing or running marathons.  My frustration is this.  A man can get on stage in his speedo, flex his muscles and he is called a body-builder.  He is never told he is immodest.  He is never told he shouldn’t do that because he is causing women to lust after him.  But a woman, who does the same thing, works hard, has the same passion for the same sport gets up there and is told she is immodest.  WHY?  It feels so unfair to me.  Never once did I get on stage feeling like I was being lusted after.  Its not about lust.  Its a sport.  Its a passion.  Its pushing yourself to work harder, to be better, to be stronger.  This sport has carried me through some of the hardest years OF MY LIFE.  It has become such a huge part of me.  I’ve never thought of it as a way to become a sex symbol.  That is NOT what this is about, at least not for me.  I honestly could go on and on about this but I will stop there.  I just needed to get that off my chest.  I appreciate the support I get from my friends and family so much.  It means the world to me to be able to say that I am damn proud of what I do, I do it with class and you know what?  I LOVE this sport and I am not quitting any time soon!