Quick update…

Just popping in with a quick update and some official pictures from the photographers from the NPC Utah Complete Nutrition Championships on March 22! Pictures were taken by Chris Nicoll and Lyman Winn of Carbon Imagery. They did an awesome job! I’m looking forward to doing a real photo shoot with them in May.

A few of my posing clients are competing on Saturday at the NGA competition and they look sooo fantastic! I’m so proud of them and looking forward to watching them rock the stage. Good luck Sara, Amber and Jen!!! You’re all number 1!!

I’ll be back soon with some super exciting news! I’m not quite ready to share it just yet… 😃







Peak Week

March 22 is quickly coming… And I am
SO excited! This is Utah’s biggest show yet. The competition will be fierce. I’m bringing the best package I can. Hopefully it’s enough to wow these judges, and qualify for another year of Nationals! Here are a few progress pics that I have taken over the last couple of weeks,





It’s time for my favorite week PEAK WEEK!!! This is where everything falls into place, the abs finally come out to play, my legs appear out of nowhere… I HOPE lol!!! I have high hopes that I have made some improvements to my physique since my last show but I will not really know until later this week!

Gosh I love this process but I think what I’m most excited about is seeing my posing clients on stage for their first time!!! They have been SO amazing to work with, and to see them grow through this process has been the highlight of my weekends! I adore them! Good luck girls, you’re all so beautiful inside and out! Get up there and kill it!!!

You asked… and better late than never

I get asked this over and over and over again… and I am always SUPER nervous to answer this question.  I actually get anxiety over it, because what worked for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you.  BUT… I feel like I can’t keep ignoring it.  I get asked constantly “how did you de-bulk, yet keep your muscle tone at the same time?”

Welllll….. to be perfectly honest with you some of it is possibly genetics.  I have always always been “toned”.  I’ve had what I refer to as “boy arms”.  I HATED them growing up.  I thought my muscles were gross.  Now I think I kinda like them!  My upper body?  Piece of cake.  Can’t gain weight up top to save my life, which is why I had to surgically enhance a thing (or two, ahem).  Anywho… lower body is another story.  I’ve always been told I was a white girl with a bootay.  Yes yes boys thank you I have a bubble butt (ugh).  I’ve hated it my whole life.  At least now there is a sport where it is appreciated (thank you Bikini!).

When I decided to switch categories I was really nervous about losing the 15 pounds of weight I had gained for figure.  I literally quit lifting altogether.  I started focusing on the fun classes at the gym that would keep me toned yet burn calories.  I did a lot of HIIT training.  So the next year I didn’t touch a dumbbell.


This is what I ended up with for that first Bikini Competition.  Not too bad but still a little “bulky” I thought.  So I kept doing what I was doing.  Avoiding the heavy lifting, eating super clean and continuing with my fun classes (Body Combat) in case you are wondering.  (Sept. 2011)

On to the next show, a short 2 months later in Dec. 2011 and I was a little leaner but still fuller than I wanted to be.  I have never had those lean legs.  NEVER in my life so I was really trying to find the secret to getting them.


Still no lifting.  I know this is completely crazy but for me it made sense.  As I sit here typing this I realize how crazy this sounds but it just made sense to me that in order for me to get rid of all of this bulky crap I had just worked SO hard to put on (coo coo) I had to do the opposite.  This was 3 months later.  March 2012… so far, so good.  Leaner.


Nothing had changed from this point on.  I was still doing Body Combat, the only difference here was that I added SPRINT INTERVALS.  I was doing 15-20 minutes 3-4 days a week.  30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.  That’s it.  At this point I did start adding some circuit training back in.  Oh yeah I also got the whooping cough.  It was marvellous.  Try training for a show with that.  Not ideal.  Wanted to die.  Nearly did a few times.  This was one year later, March 2013


I did a few shows in March, and took a short break until August.  This is a local show where I won 1st place and Overall!  My legs FINALLY came in.  I finally got the legs I have been trying to get since 2009.  My secret?  SPRINTS.  That is the ONLY thing that I added/changed/did different.  The ONLY thing.


Finally, Las Vegas Classic… where I took 1st place in a HUGE class November of 2013.  This was my best package to date.  Everything came together.  I still have continued doing my same training, my cardio has been spring intervals never more than 20 minutes, and body combat which is such a fun class filled with lunges, squats, kicks, punches etc.. that alone is what I feel has really helped shape, lift, tone, and keep everything nice and tight.  I have spent the last few years de-bulking and this is how I’ve done it. But as I said everyone is so very different.  My body really holds on to muscle and maintains it really well where others may not.  It’s a question I have been avoiding and I apologize but I hope that this answers any questions.


I am competing in a short 4 weeks locally to hopefully re-qualify for Nationals for another year and then the rest of this year I am focusing on National shows only.  First up is May 24th in South Carolina.  I am SO excited.  I cannot wait to debut my new suit.  It is going to be UNREAL!  Hopefully I will be able to update more.  Life has been ridiculous.  New job, so much going on, but I didn’t want to leave this hanging any longer!

Competition photos…

I have a couple of posts that I am working on but since I am right in the tail end of another prep for a show in 2.5 weeks I just am struggling to find the time to finish them up.  Promise to get them done in the next week or so, but in the meantime, here are the photos the photographer took at the show.  They are a bit better than mine 😉


If you are a local, and are in need of a suit I highly recommend Bonnie @ Dialed in Fitness. You can get her contact information from me if you’re interested. She was incredible to work with!

NPC UTAH Salt Lake CIty Cup 2013

I realize this might be a bit of a shock to some of my (few) readers but yes… I competed last weekend.  What? You didn’t know I was in prep?  Yeah, I kept it on the down low.  I had good reason to do so.  You see right smack dab in the middle of my “prep” I got super sick.  I got this HORRID cough.  Doctors told me it was croup.  It. Was. AWFUL.  I felt as though I was breathing through a straw at night.  SUFFOCATING.  There were nights my husband actually got up with me to check on me.  THAT says a lot.  Second Doc visit (a short week later) said that maybe it was croup and a sinus infection.  So, a breathing treatment done at the facility, an inhaler to take with me, antibiotics, more cough meds, naproxen, you get the point… ugh… one week later my symptoms had not improved.  In fact dare I say they had gotten worse?!? I had fallen asleep on the couch without taking my cough medicine one night and woke up coughing so hard that I started throwing up.  Blood. Choking.  Fearing for my life.  Yes, it was that traumatic for me.  The next morning I went right back to the doctor in tears demanding answers.  They did a chest X-ray to make sure that there was nothing more serious going on… and then came to the conclusion that it was in fact NOT croup but the Whooping cough that I was likely dealing with.  I have not had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years (lucky me) and that is likely the reason I caught it and LUCKILY the reason no one else in my family caught it from me because they are all current!  LONG story I know.  Thus the reason I haven’t been shouting my prep from the rooftops.  I actually wasn’t really sure how sure I was about competing until the day I mailed my forms in.  Even then I was not 100%.  Even NOW post show my lungs are still not 100% but from what the Doctor tells me this cough could stick with me for up to 6 months and THAT is unacceptable to me.  The show had to go on 😉

And so it did…..

This was a smaller show for Utah.  Check ins were Friday, I got number 23


I was feeling pretty calm still, nerves weren’t out of control.  Left check ins, and headed to get my tan.  After a couple of coats I was home and in bed by 10.  Although I didn’t sleep well.  At all.  I was up at 2, wide awake.  I lay there trying to force myself to fall back asleep but all I could do was pose.  Ugh.  I decided at 4:30 to just get up and face my day.  I watched some TV, and started on the hair and make up.


I had to get a 3rd coat of tan at 7 so I was out the door at 6:30 am and ready to rock.  The show started at 9 am and by 10:30 I am pretty sure that Bikini girls were lining up and getting ready to get on stage.  My class was the largest.  There were 10 girls.  I snapped this just before heading  out on stage.


I was in the first call outs.  They put me right in the middle.  I never moved.  Now, I know what that USUALLY means… but you NEVER know.  Ha.  I was pretty confident in my placing but there is always that little doubt….



After Pre-judging I had PLENTY of time to go home and rest.  I hung out with my kids and tried to take a nap (FAIL).  Mostly I just replayed the show over and over and over.


Checkout out my abs one more time before heading back and they were looking better than they did that morning.  WHY IS THAT?  So frustrating!


Back for finals…. Placings!!!  The best part.  Its FUN, there is MUSIC, you can relax and really let loose on stage…. and just ENJOY the moment! and the best part!?!  I ended up taking 1st in my class…..



OVERALL BIKINI CHAMPION!  WHOOP WHOOP!  I was just a little bit excited!


Utah Competition



3 weeks after the California show I was back at it, this was a really fun show.  Utah’s biggest yet!  Best part about it?  My BEST FRIEND, the one who went to California with me got to be back stage helping with the tanning.  It was SO nice to have her and her sister backstage.  I saw quite a few familiar faces from the October show that I did so that was fun.  I also met some new girls.  That is one of the funnest parts of competing.  The people I have met along the way.  I have made some amazing friendships in this sport.

Check In

I got all checked in and tanned on Friday.  This is the first time I’ve had someone do my tan.  I will NEVER do my own tan again.  NEVER EVER EVER.  It was well worth the $95 I spent.  Worth every darn penny *Thank you Jae @ Martini Tan*.  I was tanned, and checked in and home by 6:30 pm on Friday night.  Since it was Easter weekend, we dyed eggs with the kids Friday night.  I got everything ready for Saturday and was off to bed at around 10.  I slept.  I actually slept.  It was amazing.  I never sleep night before a show.  I didn’t have to be to the venue until 11 am since bikni division was last in the line up so I even got to sleep in.  Which I couldn’t, but I had the option if I was able to.  I woke up around 6 I think and started getting ready for the competition.  I made sure my bag was full of everything I needed.  Food, music, my suit, heels, jewelry, etc…


I didn’t feel nearly as nervous as usual, which was a great thing!  My class had 12 girls in it I believe.  That was small compared to some of the other classes.  One of them had 32.  HOLY COW!  We all went out together for comparisons and that is when I get foggy.  I never really can tell where I am on the stage, or who I am standing next to because I am SO focused on the judges, smiling, posing and making sure that I am holding everything in 🙂  I know that I was moved somewhere in the middle, and at that point I just posed my little heart out.  When I got off stage I had texts from everyone that I knew watching saying “You did it” and “Congrats, you were in the middle spot” which in any other competition I’ve done typically means 1st place.  I was pretty stoked.  I even talked to a couple of girls in my class who seemed to have thought that was how I placed based on where they put me.

Evening Show

Bikini was first which I was so happy about, they do things a little differently here than I’ve ever seen.  All the girls line up numerically and we go out for the night show and do our model posing in numerical order.  After everyone has had a chance to go out they start bringing out the top 5 from each class.  I was still a little unsure on what place I got because well, you just never know right?  I ended up taking 2nd place.  I am happy with that.  I REALLY want an overall win in Bikini someday.  I’m inching my way up there!  It was a tough class!  I don’t envy those judges, they have a tough job to do!  I did get some feedback from the judges and this time it was much better.  I actually got something I can work with.  I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, work on my glute/hami section a bit, try to put a little more size back into my upper body and basically just come in even better and it will pay off next show for sure.  I know that I can do this.  EIGHT weeks out!  June 15th!

NLP_6328 NLP_7350 NLP_7359 NLP_7361

Next Up… what else we did in California and my future plans!