Interview at the IFBB North American Championships

I had so much fun interviewing with the Body Morph Pro’s Team at North American’s in Pittsburgh.  They were hilarious and made me feel so comfortable and at ease!  Great people!  Hope to see them again in Miami!


Quick update…

Just popping in with a quick update and some official pictures from the photographers from the NPC Utah Complete Nutrition Championships on March 22! Pictures were taken by Chris Nicoll and Lyman Winn of Carbon Imagery. They did an awesome job! I’m looking forward to doing a real photo shoot with them in May.

A few of my posing clients are competing on Saturday at the NGA competition and they look sooo fantastic! I’m so proud of them and looking forward to watching them rock the stage. Good luck Sara, Amber and Jen!!! You’re all number 1!!

I’ll be back soon with some super exciting news! I’m not quite ready to share it just yet… 😃







Hey!  So I guess its that time… show recap! I’ve become pretty familiar with the whole peak week and have a pretty good comfortable routine.  However Wednesday (show week) I read on the NPC Utah Facebook page that if you had won an Overall the prior year you were not eligible to compete in Utah until 2015.  Uhhh….. WHAT?!?  The show was in THREE days.  I have been prepping for months for a show that I am no longer eligible for?  And when the crap did this rule happen?  I was FURIOUS.  So… I started searching for this “rule” and could not find anything on any website anywhere that said anything about a rule of any sort.  I contacted my Chairman and he said that I could not compete in the Open class until 2015 because I won Overall in August of 2013, but I could compete in the Natural class and if I had any questions I could contact the NPC head office.  Well… I did have questions.  I wanted to understand why I wasn’t eligible.  I’ve been competing for years and have never heard anything like this before.  My chairman mentioned something about “trophy stacking”.  They allow you to “crossover” into up to 3 classes if your a first time competitor.  Novice, Natural, and open… and if your a first time competitor AND 35 you can do even MORE crossovers.  SO… if you ask me that is trophy stacking.  I compete locally maybe 2 shows a year.  I compete in ONE class only.  OPEN.  If I happen to win an overall, YAY for me.  BUT the chances of that are not likely.  Most often there are girls who get up to 5 trophies in ONE show.  It takes me an entire year or longer to get that amount of trophies.  Trophy stacking???  Hmmm…

Vent over. Long story short (ened), I contacted to NPC head office.  They told me this rule doesn’t exist.  Jim Manion called my chairman, I competed in the Open class. And I took 2nd in the biggest show in Utah as of yet.  My class had 20 girls.  Here are a few pictures from the competition that my friend got for me 🙂  Next competition will be Nationals.  I realize that I have to put on a little more size for that show.  I need to do some work, but I am SO ready for it.  Oh and I have an amazing suit, which is also made by Bonnie Barber at Platinum Designs.  She has done all of my recent suits.  She is absolutely amazing in every way to work with.  If you’re looking for someone to work with, I highly recommend her.  You can find her on Facebook.









Peak Week

March 22 is quickly coming… And I am
SO excited! This is Utah’s biggest show yet. The competition will be fierce. I’m bringing the best package I can. Hopefully it’s enough to wow these judges, and qualify for another year of Nationals! Here are a few progress pics that I have taken over the last couple of weeks,





It’s time for my favorite week PEAK WEEK!!! This is where everything falls into place, the abs finally come out to play, my legs appear out of nowhere… I HOPE lol!!! I have high hopes that I have made some improvements to my physique since my last show but I will not really know until later this week!

Gosh I love this process but I think what I’m most excited about is seeing my posing clients on stage for their first time!!! They have been SO amazing to work with, and to see them grow through this process has been the highlight of my weekends! I adore them! Good luck girls, you’re all so beautiful inside and out! Get up there and kill it!!!

3 Weeks Out

I never go into a show feeling like I’ve got it in the bag! I think there’s always that feeling of “I should have”, “I could have”, or “I wish I would have”…. But you know what? I’m giving it my all, I always put my whole heart into every show. I love competing SO much that every part of me goes into it. My entire soul is on that stage, on display for the everyone to see. Talk about being vulnerable. I don’t think it gets more vulnerable than that! Here are a couple of progress photos the first one I was 4 weeks out and the second 3 weeks out…



Last week I started incorporating a second 20 minute sprint interval on my lunch break at work. I thought it would be fun to add some weights during my 30 second “rest” so I brought some 10 lb Dumbbells and had them ready so at every 30 second break I would do either bicep curls, shoulder press, or straight leg dead lifts. It was really intense! Kept my heart rate going and I was surprisingly sore after doing that a few times last week. I loved adding that in and I think I will do it again this week and just change it up!

24 day Challenge

Hey guys! I know I’ve been totally MIA. Not only have I been prepping and competing like crazy, I’ve also been a single mom while my husband was traveling for work for the past 6-ish weeks so the LAST thing on my mind was blogging. I’m two weeks out from my last competition of the year NPC Las Vegas Classic. So excited!

I wanted to get on here quickly to let you know about another thing I’ve been doing. If you haven’t heard of Advocare I’m not surprised. I hadn’t either, however after seeing some of my friends and co-workers have such amazing results with their products I decided that I needed to try them out for myself. Since I don’t have weight to lose, I figured in between shows a nice cleanse would be great. I bought the 10 day cleanse and was happy that not only I felt better but I could eat while doing the cleanse. No juicing, no starving, just eating clean and cleansing my body. It was a great way to kick off a new “prep” for me. Especially after a few days of being off my normal meal plan 🙂

I have been so impressed with results of those around me, and with what I have used that I became a distributor myself, and would like to let you in on a new challenge. It’s the 24 day challenge. What a great way to kick off November! Just before the holidays!!! All you have to do is purchase the 24 day challenge from my website here, take your before pictures, weight, and measurements when beginning the challenge on November 1st and again the on the 24th! Then email your photos, both before and after, weight and measurements and I will submit them to the lady in charge of the challenge.

So what are you waiting for? There is no better time than RIGHT now to start making a change. Especially when you not only have the accountability of sending your stats in but come on… Prize money? Get going 😏 feel free to email me at if you have any questions!


On a side note, if the challenge isn’t something that you necessarily need, there are so many other amazing products. Do you have an addiction to soda? Try drinking Spark! Let’s get you off that stuff 👌 Do you have trouble falling asleep because your husband snores REALLY loud? Try Sleep Works!!! Honestly… Great products!

Lets mix it up

I was contacted by Klara from Mix my own about trying their product. First of all I was super excited when I saw all of the ingredient options, gluten free options, and so many fun grains to choose from! Sign me up. So I created my own mix 🙂

You also get to pick and choose through some pretty fun and unique add ins such as organic cinnamon, green tea, premium Matcha, acai powder, cacoa nibs and a few new ones bee pollen, and hemp protein.

I loved creating my own mix and have enjoyed eating it too 🙂 there are also some pre-mixes available so you don’t have to create your own you can just pick one of their favorites! I also loved that they put a code on your package so if you love your mix you can reorder it with ease!

If you’d like to give it a shot you can use code HEALTHYBREAKFAST through the end of September to get 20% off!!! They ship it so fast too which is another added bonus!