Interview at the IFBB North American Championships

I had so much fun interviewing with the Body Morph Pro’s Team at North American’s in Pittsburgh.  They were hilarious and made me feel so comfortable and at ease!  Great people!  Hope to see them again in Miami!


Long overdue update

Seriously… it has been MONTHS since I’ve been on here.  You know, life just takes over and what once was a fun little hobby becomes something you have to find time for and time is not something I have a lot of these days.  BUT… SO much has happened since APRIL.  I still can’t believe that was my last post.  APRIL?  How!?!  I don’t even know where to start.  I’ll try to keep it short.  Three (yes 3) National competitions.  First one was Junior Nationals in Chicago June 13-14


I ended up not placing, but had a fantastic time and gained some great National stage experience.  I felt great though I knew what changes I needed to make for the next one… so I started working my butt off for USA’s July 25-26 in Las Vegas


I ended up placing 15th, only the top 15 actually place in National competitions… so I BARELY placed!  BUT… I placed 😉  Again, I had some final tweaking to do and one more show on my brain.  I was turning 35 on August 26th, 4 days before North Americans in Pittsburgh where I qualified to compete in the Open and Masters for TWO chances at a Pro card.  Why not!  Let’s go… So finally my 3rd competition of the summer was August 30th, North American Championships in Pittsburgh

1845-ifbb-north-american-championships-20326_final_resized 1845-ifbb-north-american-championships-20347_final_resized NA1_4311_BDOIUEBQXP_resized_1 NA1_4316_XKAZZNMQEQ_resized

First class I came out in was the Open class.  I was shocked when I was in the first call outs.  And even more shocked when I was placed right near the middle.  I knew I was 1st or 2nd place.  Next class was Masters… where again I was surprised to get called out in the first call outs and placed in the middle once again.  I ended up taking 2nd place in BOTH classes just missing my PRO card GAH!  I was SO close.  TOO close.  🙂 but I had the best time.  Met the most amazing people, was invited to do a fun interview with; which you can view on youtube (I’ll try to post it later) and cannot wait for the next National show NPC National Bodybuilding Championships in Miami on November 21-22.  Pro card I am coming for you!!!!

You asked… and better late than never

I get asked this over and over and over again… and I am always SUPER nervous to answer this question.  I actually get anxiety over it, because what worked for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you.  BUT… I feel like I can’t keep ignoring it.  I get asked constantly “how did you de-bulk, yet keep your muscle tone at the same time?”

Welllll….. to be perfectly honest with you some of it is possibly genetics.  I have always always been “toned”.  I’ve had what I refer to as “boy arms”.  I HATED them growing up.  I thought my muscles were gross.  Now I think I kinda like them!  My upper body?  Piece of cake.  Can’t gain weight up top to save my life, which is why I had to surgically enhance a thing (or two, ahem).  Anywho… lower body is another story.  I’ve always been told I was a white girl with a bootay.  Yes yes boys thank you I have a bubble butt (ugh).  I’ve hated it my whole life.  At least now there is a sport where it is appreciated (thank you Bikini!).

When I decided to switch categories I was really nervous about losing the 15 pounds of weight I had gained for figure.  I literally quit lifting altogether.  I started focusing on the fun classes at the gym that would keep me toned yet burn calories.  I did a lot of HIIT training.  So the next year I didn’t touch a dumbbell.


This is what I ended up with for that first Bikini Competition.  Not too bad but still a little “bulky” I thought.  So I kept doing what I was doing.  Avoiding the heavy lifting, eating super clean and continuing with my fun classes (Body Combat) in case you are wondering.  (Sept. 2011)

On to the next show, a short 2 months later in Dec. 2011 and I was a little leaner but still fuller than I wanted to be.  I have never had those lean legs.  NEVER in my life so I was really trying to find the secret to getting them.


Still no lifting.  I know this is completely crazy but for me it made sense.  As I sit here typing this I realize how crazy this sounds but it just made sense to me that in order for me to get rid of all of this bulky crap I had just worked SO hard to put on (coo coo) I had to do the opposite.  This was 3 months later.  March 2012… so far, so good.  Leaner.


Nothing had changed from this point on.  I was still doing Body Combat, the only difference here was that I added SPRINT INTERVALS.  I was doing 15-20 minutes 3-4 days a week.  30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.  That’s it.  At this point I did start adding some circuit training back in.  Oh yeah I also got the whooping cough.  It was marvellous.  Try training for a show with that.  Not ideal.  Wanted to die.  Nearly did a few times.  This was one year later, March 2013


I did a few shows in March, and took a short break until August.  This is a local show where I won 1st place and Overall!  My legs FINALLY came in.  I finally got the legs I have been trying to get since 2009.  My secret?  SPRINTS.  That is the ONLY thing that I added/changed/did different.  The ONLY thing.


Finally, Las Vegas Classic… where I took 1st place in a HUGE class November of 2013.  This was my best package to date.  Everything came together.  I still have continued doing my same training, my cardio has been spring intervals never more than 20 minutes, and body combat which is such a fun class filled with lunges, squats, kicks, punches etc.. that alone is what I feel has really helped shape, lift, tone, and keep everything nice and tight.  I have spent the last few years de-bulking and this is how I’ve done it. But as I said everyone is so very different.  My body really holds on to muscle and maintains it really well where others may not.  It’s a question I have been avoiding and I apologize but I hope that this answers any questions.


I am competing in a short 4 weeks locally to hopefully re-qualify for Nationals for another year and then the rest of this year I am focusing on National shows only.  First up is May 24th in South Carolina.  I am SO excited.  I cannot wait to debut my new suit.  It is going to be UNREAL!  Hopefully I will be able to update more.  Life has been ridiculous.  New job, so much going on, but I didn’t want to leave this hanging any longer!

It has to be fun….

A reader asks… I answer

I was asked to do a post about what my workout routine and diet looked like.  I have to be honest, at first I was VERY hesitant to write a post on this topic for a couple of reasons.  The main reason is that I am a competitor and because of that I am pretty strict with myself as far as my diet goes.  HOWEVER, when it comes to my fitness routine that is a whole other story.  Am I strict?  Eh… I look at it more like I am passionate.  I LOVE sweating it out.  I am going to back it up a bit.  Most of you know I used to be a Figure competitor.  Back in 2009, here I was this 110 pound thing walked up to my trainer and said “I want to compete… in Figure”.  First thing I heard was “Sure, but you’re going to have to gain about 15-20 pounds”.  (in my mind I was thinking that they were out of their mind).  The weight came on… slowly… but it came on.  Eventually I was anywhere from  22-25 pounds heavier.  AND MISERABLE.  My off season I felt disgusting.  I cried, I was depressed, and show to show I had a harder and harder time leaning out.  It was when I competed at USA’s (Nationals) that I realized I couldn’t do Figure any more.  It just wasn’t for ME.  I was at MY biggest yet I was still SO SO small in comparison to the women there.  I would have to make more gains in order to be competitive in that industry and mentally I just couldn’t do it.  It was very hard for me to give that part of me up because I absolutely love Figure.  I think it is beautiful, elegant, and the bodies are incredible.  Genetically it just wasn’t going to work for me, at least not naturally.  To give you an idea of just how far I came though, here are some photos from a few of my competitions and progress (these are 4 of the 8 or 9 shows I did).

figure figure1 figure2 figure3

(top left, very first show placed 5th… top right, 6 months later placed 2nd…. bottom left, one year to the date from first show, first place, overall winner…. bottom right, USA’s, reality check for me didn’t even come close to placing)

I took about a year off, and then I started competing in the Bikini division.

In the two years I have been competing in Bikini I have had to really work on leaning out quite a bit of the muscle I gained for Figure, and not looking so “bulky” for lack of a better word.  Here are a few pictures to show you what I mean.



Luckily genetically my body maintains muscle really well, so even though my main focus over the last two years has been to lower my “bulkiness” I have still been able to maintain that shape. What I am getting at is this.  My routine is just this… I do what I enjoy.  If I’m not having fun, than I don’t do it.  It’s as simple as that.  Fitness shouldn’t be a chore.  You should enjoy it.  At least that is how I feel.  Two years ago I walked into Body Combat, a class that my local gym offers.  I had been going through a lot in my personal life at the time and I got to punch and kick and get all of my frustration out and it felt damn good.  I am now obsessed with boxing.  I have a little fighter in me 😉  That is a huge part of my workout routine.  I do a lot of HIIT, sprint intervals (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off).  I don’t do LONG hours of boring steady state cardio.  I’d rather poke my eyes out.  I also don’t implement weight lifting at moment because I haven’t felt that I really NEED it.  I’ve been able to maintain my muscle fullness with the other things I am doing.  I spend anywhere from 20-60 minutes a day at the gym (unless I am nearing a competition and then it may be longer)!  I also will do either Insanity or P90X at home with my husband here and there. I don’t think you need to spend hours a day working out.  For me, IT HAS TO BE FUN PEOPLE!!!

I hope this answers your question 🙂  I didn’t get too much into the diet because I have been in competition mode for so long that I think I’ve forgotten what its like to be a normal person.  I generally eat pretty healthy all the time.  I keep my diet clean, with “treats” once a week even up to 4 weeks out of a competition as long as I am coming in okay.  Maybe when I get back to normal mode I can do a better post on my diet!